Berlin, Germany

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I was so thankful my sweet friend Sara, from Finland, and I were able to have a meet up. Once a year we try to find time to see each other since our quick bestie friendship in Finland. We found a wonderfully located hotel, Hotel Berlin, Berlin. It was extremely nice for a great price! We hit Berlin by storm and saw literally every.single.thing. Wild, but fun!

Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin Wall.

We couldn't go without a stop to the aquarium and Aqua Dom. 

An emotional, moving moment. 

Gorgeous Berlin views. 

Brynn was always sleeping on us. 

Checkpoint charlie. 

Berlin Cathedral.

Can't wait to see my girl again!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

3 day weekends are hard to come by in the basketball world. Thankfully, Brad could have one this past weekend. His team advanced to the Top 6 of their league and received some much-needed time off before qualifying for Final 4. Copenhagen is a place we have always chatted about seeing. When you find $40 flights you just book without even thinking. Guys, RyanAir is CHEAP. It makes you want to hop on a plan every weekend. Plus, Comfort Hotel Vesterbro had a great deal for it being Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Copenhagen was cold and rainy, but gorgeous. It was the cutest seeing Brynn in her little rain suit, jumping in every puddle she found. Every step I took though I couldn't help but feel like I was in The Killing. It is a Danish original series, but they re-made the American version based in Seattle. SO GOOD if you are into the mystery-murder type. 

Anyway, just walking around on the cobble stone streets, looking at the colorful buildings along the canals, filled with boats had me head over heels with Copenhagen. I mean, really, how cool is God to have created all of this? I still am blown away in everything by Him. I took pictures of everything. I'll photo dump below.

LEGO was first invented in Denmark. Huge LEGO store that Brynn was just in Heaven with. 

Both of our first times at an aquarium. Obsessed is an understatement. 

Changing of the guards at the Queen's winter residence. 

The Little Mermaid statue. Not that impressive. Although, Brynn was really happy to see a mermaid that she thought was real. 

I hope all of you get a chance to visit Copenhagen one day. It's magical!