Girls Trip in London

Friday, November 11, 2016

I can't even fully put into words the amount of excitement I had to go to London. I had longed to travel there for as long as I can remember. When RyanAir has $19 round trip tickets you just go and don't think about much else. With Brad not playing these past 6 weeks it was my last chance to go travel without missing him play. So, that we did. I'm sure none of you remember, but I clearly recall how terrible my first solo trip with Brynn was. This trip to London though, perfection. Brynn was a champ! I am so glad I didn't let the previous Paris trip scare me because she truly is such a joy to do things with. She actually enjoyed the museums. Like what?! Totally her mothers daughter. We also did lots of shopping(Harrods, Oxford Street) and ate tons of yummy food(Afternoon Tea, Fish&Chips, Indian, Ice Cream Macaroon Sandwiches). Actually, I think finding the food was our first priority. Anyway, you know writing isn't much my thing as is photo dumping. So, here ya go! 

Big Ben & Parliament(my fav) 

London Eye

Westminister Abbey 

St. Pauls Cathedral

British Museum 
Rosetta Stone, all the heart eyes

Tower of London//Tower Bridge

Natural History Museum 

Borough Market 

Buckingham Palace

Now excuse me while I pack my life up and move to London. Seriously, it's that good!